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Meet our Executive Chef, Naoki Tashiro, who brings years of experience and authenticity to Naoki Sushi Dining, creating unique dishes with only the day’s freshest ingredients.


With his unwavering dedication and passion for traditional Japanese food culture, he has culminated the artistry of the cuisine through his training and experiences in the field for nearly three decades.




Immerse yourself in the world of omakase, where you entrust your dining experience to the skilled hands of Executive Chef Naoki Tashiro. 

Nestled within our 8-seat counter, you'll witness his sushi preparation, mastering the delicate balance of flavors, textures, and presentation that Japanese cuisine demands. Our exquisite 7-course omakase dinner features delights like delicate Egg Custard with Snow Crab and succulent Wagyu Beef Steak Seared on Hot Lava Stone. At Naoki Sushi Dining, sushi is not merely a dish. It’s an art form. Enjoy his meticulous attention to detail reflected in every piece Naoki creates. 

Our commitment to authenticity extends beyond the menu. Step into an artfully designed interior, meticulously crafted by renowned Japanese architects, Katsunori Takeuchi and Hiromi Tsuruta. Every detail harmoniously intertwines to create an ambiance as enchanting as the cuisine itself.

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